About Us

Hi! Welcome to Greenville Fit Twins!


We are so glad you found us (maybe from Instagram @gvillefittwins) and want to follow our journey of living health and balanced life. Our names are Mary Bradley and Susannah Pazdan and we are identical twins from Greenville, SC. We are currently Juniors at Furman University, which is were we found our love of health and wellness.  Even though we are identical twins, we are two different people with different wellness goals. One of our goals is to show our readers what it looks like to live a healthy life! Below, you can get to know us each of us a little better!


Hi! My name is Susannah but most people tend to call me Sue.  I am a Communications Major with both a Poverty Studies and a Latin American Studies Minor, therefore school IMG_7339 copycurrently takes a lot of my time! My love of health and wellness started about a year and a half ago as I began to run frequently to relieve stress from school and feel good.  I played three sports in high school, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse therefore I knew what it was like to exercise but I was never truly exercising for “myself”.  When I got to college, I began to take the time to go to the gym, putting myself and my body first and the results were amazing.  Even though I have had my ups and downs with wellness, it has been so incredibly rewarding.  Since I started putting my health first, I have ran three half marathons and I have more races coming up in the future.  I also have found that I love cross training, cycling, and yoga!  While putting myself first, I have also found that I have a passion for Nutrition and I am excited to share that with you guys. ~Sue

Mary Bradley: 

Hi guys! My name is Mary Bradley, but since that is a mouthful, most of my friends call me MB. I am majoring in both Politics and International Affairs and Communication Studies at Furman University. My wellness journey started when I was a year-round competitive swimmer at Team Greenville Swim Club in high school.

I loved the sport because I was able to practice time manage, set goals, and make friends from all over the state that would last me a lifetime. After being recruited by multiple D3 schools to swim, I ultimately decided not to swim in college and to go with my heart by attending Furman.

Looking back, my freshman year at Furman was definitely my lowest point in terms of wellness, since I was not working out six times a week anymore. I lost motivation to go and exercise since I did not have anything to train for anymore. I gained the notorious “freshman 15” and found myself in a bit of a funk going into my sophomore year. That was when running changed my life.

It all started with a run around the gorgeous Furman lake in August where I realized I absolutely loved the way running made me feel. Running reminded me of the how I used to feel after a long two hour practice in the pool; tired but fit. That first run led a 10k race in October, my first half marathon in February, joining the Club Running Team in the fall of my junior year, my first race wearing a Paladin jersey, and to me signing up for my first marathon that will take place in December of 2018.

I cannot wait to share more about my journey with you guys through out the course of this blog. I hope to inspire our readers with insight from my experiences and passions in the most genuine way possible. Thanks in advance for reading and for your support! ~MB