Through Our Earbuds: Week 2

Don’t let the title fool you, it has actually been a few weeks since I have written a blog post. Through interning full time, taking three Furman classes, and trying to experience everything that Washington, DC has to offer, it has been very difficult to find down time. When I have found some free time, I have spent a good portion of it running around the city, so here is what I have been listening to recently,

  • Dan + Shay

Dan and Shay’s latest album that dropped in June has been playing during my runs on constant repeat since. The album has something for everyone with slower songs like the hits, Tequila and Speechless, or faster/upbeat songs like All to Myself and Alone Together. ¬†Overall, it is my favorite album that the group has released!

  • Mama Mia

I recently watched the original Mama Mia on Netflix and have had the soundtrack playing constantly on my longer runs! I play it from the beginning on my runs and feel like I can picture the movie, which I find super entertaining. I am so excited to go and see the new movie and then listen to that soundtrack!


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