Happiness Not Perfection: Week One

Hi Friends! I hope each of you have had a week full of productivity and positive thoughts, as those are always two of goals going into a new week.

MB and I just moved up to Washington, D.C. for the summer, therefore I have found myself trying to establish a routine.  I like to have a schedule, specifically one that includes healthy eating, working out (ideally in the morning), and getting a significant amount of work done at my internship. Quickly, I realized that there are only 24 hours in a day and 8 of those I am most likely sleeping.  So I began to realize that I was letting myself down when I wasn’t reaching my goals, especially getting my workout done in the morning and maintaining a “perfect” diet everyday.

Breaking the Cycle

Therefore one of my newest goals is to strive for happiness rather than perfection. How does this look? If I bounce out of bed in the morning to get to a Cyclebar class or go on a run, that’s great and I will be happy about that. But, if I wake up and feel exhausted I will let myself sleep in, and I will be happy about to. Why? Because listening to your body and its ques should make you HAPPY (this is my theme song for happiness)!

This was a delicious cupcake I had from Baked and Wired. It was worth every single bite!!

I believe our society today encourages people to set unrealistic goals, therefore when they are not achieved people are left with the feeling of failure.  Then these thoughts turn into a cycle where you are constantly feeling like everything you do is simply not good enough. Although it is easier said than done, how can we do our part to break the cycle? I challenge you guys to take a step back and listen to what your body is craving, do you need the extra sleep? Do you want a cookie? Or do you need a rest day? Each of these questions are valid and you should never be ashamed of them. Life is made to be fun!

With this being said, pursuing happiness over perfection will be a challenge and there will be ups and downs.  I will share with you guys my ups and downs and hopefully together we can change the way people think about wellness.  Follow along on my journey every week and we can do this thing together!




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