Through Our Earbuds Week 1

Sue and I get asked all the time what we listen to in order to stay entertained while running or working out, so we have decided to do a weekly post that features the music, audiobooks, or podcasts that are keeping us on our toes!

This week I will feature two of the podcasts that helped me prepare for the half marathon I ran this past weekend.

  • Marathon Training Academy Podcast with Angie and Trevor

Back in March, I found myself feeling super motivated and decided I wanted a new challenge to tackle. That challenge ended up being the Kiawah Island Marathon that will take place in December. I am so excited about this new running journey, but it is also a really daunting goal. As I started researching different preparation resources, I stumbled upon Angie and Trevor’s podcast and have absolutely loved the content makeup of their podcast. They always start off by highlighting runners that are members of their training program, which I find very motivating. The bulk of their podcast is normally dedicated to interviewing a guest and then they wrap up the podcast with some quick running tips.


Some of my favorite episodes include their interview with Ryan Hall, their episode titled “Why Run a Marathon”, their interview with Gretchen Rubin, and their episode titled, “Motivation to Do the Hard Thing!”. I listened to all of these episodes while training for my most recent half and they did such a good job of keeping me excited about training, even when I was sore or unmotivated.

  • NPR’s “How I Built This” with Guy Raz

There are so many products that I love¬†and have always wanted to learn more about. This podcast has not only helped me do exactly that, but it has also inspired me to go for any dreams I have, no matter how difficult. In “How I Built This”, Guy Raz interviews the creators of various companies in order to find out the motivation behind creating the company and what their paths to success looked like.


I really enjoy listening to these episodes while I am on a slower, recovery run because I am able to process the conversations and learn from them. I find the podcast super inspiring as a rising college senior and runner because it reassures me that I can do anything I put my mind to, inside and out of the classroom. Some of my favorite episodes include the interviews with the creator of Starbucks, Larabar, Ben and Jerry’s, The Knot, Wikipedia, Kate Spade, and Clif Bar.

Here is where you can go and listen on their websites! Both are also available on the iTunes Podcast App as well.

Marathon Training Academy website

NPR’s “How I Built This” website

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