The Journey Begins…

Here we go! MB and I finally decided to start a blog! The main purpose of this blog is to connect with you guys and express our love of health and wellness.  We want to share ideas, thoughts, and advice to help you guys with wherever you are on the path of wellness.

So… for us to get started, we wanted to share some fun facts about ourselves!


This picture was taking in Page, Arizona at the Horse Shoe Bend. We were on our way to Monument Valley which is where my half marathon was!

  1. I am a professional photographer with a love of wildlife and landscape photography
  2. I ran an ultra-half marathon last March in Monument Valley – absolutely one of my favorite races and places I have ever been!
  3. We have two family dogs both of which are the cutest and make for a good excuse to come home! Their names are Cooper and Finn and we love to take them on long walks. Be on the look out for more stories to come about them!
  4. My family has Country Music Saturday’s.  These happen every Saturday MB and I are home and we only listen to country music – gotta love living in the South 🙂
  5. Not so fun – but I have had two knee surgeries to repair a torn ACL, a torn Meniscus, and a torn MCL.  I tore all of these in high school playing both soccer and field hockey.  After my surgeries, I recovered with physical therapy and have gradually began getting stronger. Today – I believe I am the strongest  I have ever been and am so thankful to have healthy joints!


Here is a picture of Parker and I from formal last year!

  1. My favorite color is pink! You can catch me wearing pink or other bright colors (especially Lilly Pulitzer from my favorite store @pinkbeewestend) about 100% of the time.
  2. My best swimming stroke is butterfly! My favorite event is also the 100 meter fly. I got to swim it again for the first time at a college club swim meet in November where I qualified for Nationals!
  3. I have the sweetest boyfriend named is Parker, who is also a junior at Furman. We started dating after we got to know each other through being co-captains of the Furman Club Swim Team and have been dating for almost a year and a half!
  4. One of my favorite ways to see the world is through running! I have been to twenty countries and my favorite one is probably Greece because of the amazing runs I had there. I can not wait to continue to see more of the world through the feet that take me there.
  5. I am a huge fan of dessert with my favorite being ice cream! My favorite flavor is strawberry (because it is pink!) with dark chocolate chips!

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